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Vinegar has so many uses for cleaning and disinfecting.

Here is a list of just a few.

It’s a wonderful product to always keep on hand and easy to store.


1- Never mix vinegar with chlorine aka clorox aka bleach. Together they make a gas that is noxious and can even be deadly. 

2- Do not spray vinegar or a vinegar mixture on your marble or any stone counter or surface you might have. It will cause damage. 


These are just Some of the amazing uses for VINEGAR!

  • You can rinse your hair with it . It will strip any old shampoo, conditioner and swimming pool chlorine that is left in your hair. To do this, combine 1 cup of water and 1-2 Tablespoons white vinegar or apple cider vinegar. Rinse with this after 4-5 shampoos.
  • I usually put 1 cup in every batch of laundry I do . It disinfects, will neutralize bad odors and removes dingy soap residue so clothes look better. It also makes baby items soft and fresh because vinegar also breaks down the uric acid. 
  • If you have a new brightly colored piece of clothing that you do not want it to run, or worried it will, soak it for 15 minutes or so in vinegar to ‘set’ the color. 
  • When using a little vinegar in your dish water, it kills the germs so your dishes and utensils are safe and clean.
  • Keep a spray bottle with half vinegar and half water handy in the kitchen. Spray counters, and other surfaces, to kill germs, particularly after working with poultry.
  • Use equal parts of water and vinegar to clean windows for streak free clean. 
  • I pour it straight in the toilet and the tub and spray the sink with it . It really makes taps shine and removes water spots .
  • When I bring fruit and veggies from the store, I always wash them and I put a splash of vinegar in the slightly soapy water.
  • To every quart of water for fresh flowers, add 2 Tablespoons vinegar and 2 Tablespoons sugar. Don’t forget to trim the stems and change out the water when it becomes cloudy.
  • For accidents caused by pets on flooring, clean it up then  spray the spot with vinegar and use paper towels to dry. *test carpet in an inconspicuous spot first. 
  • Spray straight vinegar onto unwanted weeds or grass. Reapply as needed. Great alternative to chemicals if there could be a risk to pets or children.
  • Clean shower doors and bath tub ring by wiping with vinegar. The shower door will not have a soap build up. After the vinegar on the bathtub, scrub with baking soda and it will be clean and shine. 
  • To keep your kitchen smelling fresh, pour 1 cup of vinegar down the sink drain and allow it to sit for 30 minutes. Run cold water for a couple of minutes. 
  • Using one cup in your dishwasher will help your dishes shine. Once or twice a year, when your dishwasher is empty, pour in 2 cups of vinegar and run the dishwasher through a normal cycle. This will get rid of the soap and build up.





How to Unclog A Drain With Baking Soda and Vinegar
• Pour a pot of boiling hot water down your drain.
• Dump in about 1/2 c. baking soda. Let that sit for a few minutes.
• Then, pour a mixture of 1 c. vinegar and 1. c very hot water down on top of the baking soda.
• Cover with a drain plug (to keep the reaction down below the drain surface) if you have one and let it sit for 5-10 minutes.
• Flush one more time with a pot of boiling water. Why this works: The baking soda and hot water treatment will loosen up any grimy sludge that’s hanging out at the bottom of your drain, and the explosive chemical reaction with the vinegar will jolt it all loose.

  • Then one final super hot-water rinse will take care of it. (author unknown)

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