Juggling everything that comes at you can get overwhelming for all of us! It’s normal to have questions about your home, your life, and your relationships, and I made this website to help you find some answers.


My name is Carrie Groneman and I love to write, create, and help others.

When I was younger, I found it difficult to find guidance and direction that would help me live a moral life. Later, when I was a new mom, it became even more apparent to me that it was hugely important to have a strong Christian foundation in my own life so that I could provide virtuous teachings to my family.

The world is always changing which means that perspectives on what is right and wrong are always changing as well. This can, unfortunately, provide a shaky ground to stand on, which can make things challenging. You need a solid foundation to build your life on.

I made this website to help you build that foundation for yourself.

I write my blog posts about a variety of topics from dealing with loss to recipes and crafts that you can try out. As you browse my website you can learn more about yourself and get some ideas that can help you in many areas of your life.

What I Believe

Picture Credit: Natalie Woll

What I Believe

I believe we are all children of a Heavenly Father, which gives every one of us infinite worth and value beyond measure. I believe each of us have a unique purpose and mission to fulfill here on earth, meaning our divine gift of agency is to be used with gratitude and care. I believe the family can be together forever, and that it is ordained of God.

I believe in a living and loving God and in our Savior Jesus Christ. That they are involved in the details of our daily life; always there to comfort, lift and help. I know we will have the most peace, joy and happiness if we follow and pattern our life after Jesus Christ.