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Why Leather Craft Is A Great Hobby

Why Leather Craft Is A Great Hobby

Are you looking for a simple to do craft with your kids, something fun to do with your grand kids or an artistic DIY for yourself?
Well, you’re headed in the right direction with leather craft as a hobby!
My leather crafting began for me as a hobby when I was a young teenager.
My dad, very ingeniously gave me leather working tools for Christmas one year. I began with small, uncomplicated projects and I found I really liked it. I continued to asked for more tools to feed my leather craft hobby, different kits to make; bringing many hours of enjoyment as I explored the patterns I could fashion using the various tools of leather crafting.
Back then I had a horse and made items more for a ‘cowgirl’ I guess you would say. My horse wore many of the leather crafts I made, heehee.
I am amazed at the range of possibilities in leather working designs and what people do with this art form now, it’s fabulous!

So how did this come up in our family to make a blog post for the Lost Art of Play and Leather Craft?

Good question:)
Stan and I like to spend one-on-one time with our grand kids doing something special and unique we think they will enjoy.
Well for Christmas last year I had purchased tools and leather working supplies for Stan because he too had dabbled with leather craft when he was younger and I just knew he would enjoy it again.
So when the grand boys each had a turn to be with us, time was set aside to come back to the house and PLAY ‘pounding leather’ as Stan calls it.
They did love it and there are so many benefits to working leather.
In fact, leather working is for everyone and I’ll tell you why.

  • Time together without electronics (your hands are a little busy, lol)
  • A creative outlet is sparked with a new form of art
  • It’s a hands-on activity which keeps even the busiest of active ones engaged and on-task
  • You can tell of your experiences and life stories while working together
  • It gives the opportunity for focus and the satisfaction of finishing a project
  • So many abilities and life skills are taught and formed through Leather Craft as a hobby

Anyway, as a family we tried out hand at some leather crafting and I put a few pictures on Instagram.
WOW that got some great conversations going of people reminiscing about doing Leather craft when they were younger got them thinking about taking it up again. Some wanting to teach their kids and asked how could they get involved again. Others expressed a desire to learn it themselves. 
Because of that reaction from my readers here at A Mother’s Shadow I reached out to the Weaver Leather Supply , and I’ll tell you, their people are remarkable! They want everyone to try Leather Craft as a Hobby! 
To give an example of their excellent line of products, they sent us supplies to make Double Wrap Cuff wristbands following their tutorial on this link HERE
This is how they turned out – fabulous, right!!!

Three leather crafted wraps

Why Leather Craft Is A Great Hobby!

The kids really enjoyed pounding leather as we call it.Boys hammering the tooling into the leather wristbands
Everyone got into the action, making the project from the beginning of a strap of leather to the finished product of a wristband!
It was a perfect setting where a family of all ages can talk, relax and enjoy time together. 

Man showing leather crafted wrist band

Why Leather Craft Is A Great Hobby

Just look at that proud face of creating something new. You can’t get better than that. Boy with leather worked wrist band
Why Leather Craft Is A Great Hobby
As I mentioned the tutorial is for a DOUBLE WRAP CUFF and simple to follow.
However, our group was young, and they chose to make a single wrap.

I LOVE how flexible the products and instructions from THIS VIDEO are, demonstrating just how the high quality is because they adjust so easily to accommodate the customer!
While we worked, we talked about the many uses for the awesome wraps.
My daughters-in-law decided they wanted to wear their finished wraps as ankle bracelets.

Leather worked wrap as an ankle bracelet

Why Leather Craft Is A Great Hobby!

And guess what else they came up with?
A dog collar!  You could even stamp your pets name on it!
Make sure to watch the video below and see the fun experience we had working with  Weaver Leather Supply

I hope you get a chance to visit their site, give those really nice people at Weaver Leather a call and get started on your leather projects today!

Boys and Grandfather working with leather, hammers and tools

Copyright Carrie Groneman, A Mother’s Shadow, 2018
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