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Thai sticky rice with sweetened coconut cream and mangos or peaches

This is really a great recipe for Mango and Sticky rice that you can make at home so easily and affordably too.

Do you like Thai food?

It is a taste that I enjoy and have cooked more and more over the years.

My handsome hubby Stan lived in Thailand for two years and so again, the quest for me to make food that tasted just so and looked just right was on going before all the Thai restaurants popped up all over our area.

One of the most popular items on any self-respecting Thai menu is Mango with Sticky Rice.

This dish it ahmazing!

It really is just delicious and a perfect dessert to end a meal, or something special for an occasion.


We have two EASY parts to this recipe.

The Coconut Sauce we will call it and the Sticky Rice.

By the way, did you know that sticky rice, or commonly called sweet rice is NOT Jasmine rice or Sushi rice, nor even glutenous? This article by Food and Road,  What Is Sticky Rice has some really great information in it.

For years I made sticky rice in the steamer pot and cone shaped basket. Also steaming the rice in cheesecloth to ensure it was always out of the water, with and a metal lid on top of that to trap the steam.

Then I wanted to share this recipe and wanted a much easier way to cook up the sticky rice.

So Stan and I began experimenting of how to cook this type of rice in the rice cooker and we did it!

That recipe is below.


You need to start the rice earlier than the Coconut sauce, just so you can plan.





1 cups cooked sweet sticky rice (plan ahead for the rice)


1 can 12-16 oz. coconut cream, or you can use coconut milk, but coconut cream is better. Use a GOOD brand such as Mae Ploy

1/2 – 3/4 cup raw or palm sugar, depending on the sweetness you prefer

1/2 teaspoon salt

2-3 fresh mangos OR use fresh peaches OR canned peaches, drained and cut up



Bring the coconut cream or milk, sugar and salt to a simmer over low heat.

Do NOT boil.

When the rice is finished cooking, remove to a large bowl.

Pour half to two-thirds of the coconut mixture over the cooked rice.

Stir gently so as not to break up the rice kernels.

Let this sit for 5 minutes.

When serving, pour on more of the coconut milk mixture, according to how ‘saucy’ you want the rice to be if desired.

Arrange the mango slices or peach, over the top of the rice and serve.

Thai sticky rice with sweetened coconut cream and mangos or peaches


To make the:



1- Begin by rinsing the Thai Sweet Sticky Rice in a mesh strainer for about 2 minutes.

VERY GENTLY allow the water run on the sweet rice, making sure it is all being rinsed.


2- Pour the sweet sticky rice into a bowl and cover with plenty of water to cover, at least 2 inches above the rice. We had one cup of rice in the glass bowl with 2 cups of rice.

Allow to sit 4-24 hours


3- The rice will soak up most of the water and look something like this.


4- After 4-24 hours, strain the rice into a mesh strainer, do not tap or shake. The rice is fragile and will break apart. 


5- Add in 1/2 cup water. I know it doesn’t seem like much, but the rice has been soaking up liquid and you didn’t get all the water out when you strained it just now.


6- Close the lid and set  your rice cooker to ‘white rice’ and let the magic happen.

When the timer rings LET IT SIT FOR 5 MINUTES! Do NOT open the lid!!!

After 5 minutes you can open the rice cooker and look at this!

See how the individual rice are separate from each other? 

And the color is a little more yellow and a transparent?

They texture is soft, but not mushy. You can tell the pieces of rice when you eat a bite. 

7- A good way to tell if it’s right is to make a ball. It will be a little sticky to your fingers, but not too much to make a ball.

Now that the rice is cooked, make sure to take it out of the pan so it doesn’t start to burn or get too done, and put on the scrumptious coconut cream mixture for your Thai Mangos and Sticky Rice. Enjoy!


Recipe by Carrie Groneman, Copyright Carrie Groneman, 2019

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