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The Shrieking Tutle

The Shrieking Turtle


Terrible Turtle from the Underworld

What can a night light turtle teach us?         

Terrible Turtle from the Underworld

A few years ago, my son Derek and his wife Tawni moved in with us for a few months while they were finding a house to purchase.
Our home is kinda small, so they and their two small sons all slept together in one room. I, being a very good grandma, had all the best intentions by buying this turtle with holes in the top which allows light through and providing stars to dance on the ceiling. As it shines the stars, it also playing ‘soothing music’ to help loll little ones off to sleep.
I thought it would make the transition from their house, to mine, a bit easier, so this was a perfect solution!
There are many brands and types of these products on the market, but I happened to hit a sale on the internet and chose this highly rated one.
Upon receiving the product, we were shocked to find that this particular turtle was actually made in the workshop of evil minions.
The sound, oh the sound, was awful and would make the little ones cry, or cover their ears and run away.
So much for the ’Grandma of the Year’ award.
As you can imagine, with all four of them in one room, getting the kids to sleep in a new place was a chore every evening.
One particular night my son and daughter-in-law finally got the boys to sleep, and were thrilled to get to bed at a decent hour themselves.
They had just started to doze off, when one of the boys, who had apparently put the turtle on his bed, rolled over, setting it off.
The screeching began, the lights from the holes in the top began – it was a nightmare not the ‘dream’ it was advertised to be.
Derek and Tawni both dove across the small room to try to quiet the terrible turtle before the boys woke up from the racket it was making.
Derek got to it first and couldn’t get the switch to work.
The next step was to open it and take the battery out, but the latch was stuck. To add to the chaos, they were attempting to work from the light of Tawni’s phone, knowing the bright overhead lights would surely wake up the boys.
Next move was to smother the toy with pillows. That didn’t work, the screeching continued.
They threw their bodies over it, desperate to get the thing to turn off.
It was all quite comical when we heard the story the next morning.
A funny incident, but it started me to ponder: We didn’t throw the awful thing away when we realized it could be a problem, and not soothing anyone…..or….. anything in this world or the next.
When it was a problem, we tried to cover it up – but still did not get rid of it. Do we do that with traits or habits that are as annoying, useless and stifling to our progress?

  • We know particular weaknesses we have are holding us back, or even wedging themselves between us and opportunities for growth, yet we don’t get rid of them.
  • Are we trying to fool ourselves that no one can hear or see them; yet ignore them thinking that no one cares, when others are truly aggravated with our behavior?
  • Does our conduct frustrate the work for good we could, and should do?

  Just a bit of food for thought. When a loved one, or a trusted friend makes us aware of a fault to change, or a weakness to overcome; let’s not try to smother it, bury it, or ignore it – but to get rid of it, once and for all.
Because learning what we need to change about our self, then practicing better principles and skills, will allow us to become  valued while achieving all the spectacular and awe-inspiring accomplishments we could ever imagine. 
Copyright of Carrie Groneman, A Mother’s Shadow
Recognize a blessing and be a blessing today.

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  • Oh my gosh, this had me snorting, laughing and saying awww all at the same time. It sounds like a monster growling in the background. Poor babies. I love how you tied the evil turtle and weakness’ together, it worked quite well. And congrats on your first YT video! Perfect!

  • Deanna says:

    Excellent thoughts! You are so right, it’s easy to mask/hide or try to ignore faults or play them down and think they really aren’t that bad when I plain and simple need to get rid of them! My husband is the one that gets to see my faults the most and knows what they are, but goodness, it can hard to accept coming from someone that close to you. Ha ha. (Such a bummer about the singing turtle! Kenna has a ladybug that makes stars and I’m quite thankful no sounds come out of it!)

  • I agree that bad habits or challenges need to be approached head on, in order to achieve success. Sometimes we get used to things and they become part of our lives so we move around them, instead of seeing them as stumbling blocks and removing them. Great post!

  • Sinea Pies says:

    Great life-lesson. So hard, sometimes, to say “goodbye” to things that must go. Why ever do we wait so long? No clue!

  • Daine Roark says:

    I think one of the hardest things we can do is pray that God will show us what we need to change in ourselves. When we know we need to charge certain behaviors, it is hard to humble ourselves to work on things. It also takes work which I know I do not always want to do or feel like doing, but if we do change, the benefits are great.
    Thanks for the thoughts!!
    Great post as always,
    Diane Roark

  • Great advice hére! Thank you for sharing 🙂
    Fund you through the Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop 127 by the way.
    Han a lovely weekend! 🙂

  • Krista Low says:

    Absolutely fabulous. I love this story, for the humor and the truth. Everyone can relate to this. We all have faults and we can all go through and clean out some trash. Thanks for some great inspiration today Carrie 🙂

  • Suzy says:

    Thanks for the good laugh….I could picture the scene 🙂
    Loved the ‘lessons’ learned from it – very inspiring!

  • I was giggling reading this funny – how funny! The lessons learned were great as well!

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