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What did Pioneer Children & Adults do for entertainment?

What did the pioneer children and adults do for entertainment?

Before play stations, electronics and modern toys of today, what did children and adults do for entertainment?
Why, quite a bit and they enjoyed themselves with lots of FUN! Let’s find out how?

Pioneer Games & Entertainment
It is so important for our kids to know of the past to better understand their own life and the future. 
A terrific way to do this is by playing games that children, adults and families did in 1800’s.
If you visit this site HISTORIC NAUVOO and click on the button ‘Pioneer Past Time Games and Activities’ under the section Pioneer Past times, you will find an extraordinary pdf you can print out of games you can play, and even make!
What did Pioneer Children & Adults do for entertainment?

Now, for a sweet treat, I found from my reading that Ginger Cookies were common in the 1800’s. 
Click  HERE for my really delicious soft ginger cookie recipe.

Would you like to know about the TINSMITH or the PRINTER or the BARBER & DENTIST or  the MOUNTAIN MEN RENDEZVOUS  – simply click on each title and you will find pictures and more great information!

I have LOTS more in my LOST ART OF FAMILY HISTORY you might enjoy also!

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THANK YOU to This Is The Place State Park in Utah for the wonderful resources they share. 
Click HERE for their site.

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