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Petitte Puff Pastry

Petitte Puff Pastry

This elegant appetizer that could easily be served in a 5 star restaurant. I created this recipe to make anyone who serves it look like a rock star from this unique blend of flavors, that combine beautifully. The crunchy puff pastry shell is filled with creamy and flavorful Alloutte cheese spread is really good. However, add in the sweet and slightly warm pepper jelly it is amazing. Now, top with caramelized onions which will transform this appetizer from ordinary to an extraordinary and delectable hors d’oeuvre To see the easy to follow tutorial on how to make this jelly, click HERE 

Extraordinary Puff Pastry Appetizer


1 box Pepperidge Farms Puff Pastry Shells

Jalapeno & Bell Pepper Jelly

Alouette Garlic & Herbs Spreadable Cheese


Prepare Caramelized onions – recipe HERE   

Bake the puff pastry according to directions on the box. Petitte Puff Pastry 1

Petitte Puff Pastry 2 When the pastry shells are cooked, careful not to burn yourself, push in the center to create a hollow place for filling.Petitte Puff Pastry 3

Cool the shells COMPLETELY before using. This step, as the caramelized onions, can be prepared in advance. Keep stored for up to 8 hours in a tightly sealed container. Then place about a teaspoon of the Alouette Garlic & Herbs Spreadable Cheese (if you have extra, it is sssooo good on sandwiches or crackers). Petitte Puff Pastry 4

Petitte Puff Pastry 5Next two teaspoons or so of the caramelized onion goes on; just kinda pile it up on top.Petitte Puff Pastry 6Adorning the top is the amazing Jalapeno & Bell Pepper Jelly, about a teaspoon or so. Petitte Puff Pastry 7Serve with an hour or so of preparation.Petitte Puff Pastery 9Carrie’s recipes, Copyright Carrie Groneman, 2014

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