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How to help and what to do when others are struggling

Topics covered are: How to help when someone losses there special pet, which is like family to them.

How To Comfort When There Is A Pet-loss
Pets have become more like family members to an increasing number in recent years. 
So when someone losses a beloved pet, there is cause for sadness and we want to show that we care and acknowledge their loss.
The loss of a pet can be almost as devastating for some as a friend, or even a family member.
Well, there are many reasons. Julie Axelrod gives us some great insight. She points out that:

  • The pet had provided a source of unconditional love.
  • The pet was a primary companion, giving security and comfort.

You can read more in her article Why losing a dog can be harder than losing a relative or friend

I found some very helpful Do’s and Don’ts at PetLossAtHome

Provide the opportunity for them to talk about their feelings and open up to you.
Share and tell fond stories about the pet.
Listen to the person who is grieving.
Know that anger and depression are normal emotions when there has been a great loss. 
Help them celebrate the life of their pet with a small gift or remembrance. 
Send a condolence with a heartfelt note about how the pet will be missed. 
Send a donation in the name of the deceased pet to an organization that benefits animals.

Don’t say you know how they feel. Everyone experiences grief differently.
Don’t say the pet is better off now, or in a better place, or think of all your great memories together.
Don’t compare your pets death with theirs.
Don’t say – it’s been____ and you’re still not over it. Grief has no time line, so don’t impose one.
Don’t say how you would have handled their situation. It makes it worse.
Don’t try to fix the person, their emotion or reaction to their pets death. Just listen and care about them. 
Don’t say, just get another one.
Do NOT get a replacement pet for your family member or friend unless they ask you to.

How can you help?
Here are some ideas for condolence gifts I found that you might enjoy giving.
This PET MEMORIAL STONE MARKER FOR A DOG OR A CAT is made for the outdoor. It could be put in the garden, backyard or lawn.
A PAW PRINT PET MEMORIAL CHARM BRACELET would be a great gift and besides the beautiful jewelry, the purchase helps care for and finds a furever home as part of the SPCA adopt a kennel program
GRASSLANDS PET MEMORIAL PICTURE FRAME looks really nice to give to a special person in your life
Of course there are endless choices, but I hope that gives you a few ideas to go from.

I have a few options for artwork. The first 3 pictures are an app, the last is hand drawn
Now if you want something very unique and special, you can create a picture, from a picture, to frame and give to your friend or family member of their pet. After the work was done I sent the file to the copy store and had it ran on a few types of nice paper to see which I liked best, then put it in a frame to enhance the artwork. 
This picture is a hand drawn portrait which we gave to my daughter-in-law of her beloved pet (this is not affiliate link). This hand-drawn illustration was done on Fiverr by a very talented artist. You can contact this skilled seller by clicking here: IMARTS 

These below were done on this free app for an option.  Go to   (I am not an affiliate), and there were LOTS of options for editing, these were just a couple. Again, you can have them printed, frame them and you have a great gift. 

I hope you have found these ideas and suggestions helpful.
People and families love their ‘fur-babies’ as they are often called, and our main goal is to reach out to any who are sad and down to lift and comfort.
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