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Goop aka Slime

Goop aka Slime

It’s NOT just for FUN, you know. This is serious business! OK, well, you can toss it at each other…. but it’s really a fabulous teaching tool in LOADS of ways and down-right entertaining!
Why is making GOOP or SLIME it’s sometimes called, worthy of your valuable time?
Because it helps you teach and play with your kids at the same time! How cool is that!!!

  • Learn how to measure
  • There is some simple science involved as the liquids turn to a solid
  • It fosters creativity and imaginative play (all ages like this stuff) 
  • It lasts about a week, and then make some more – it’s so inexpensive, you can just make it over and over it you don’t want to store it
  • I have FUN ideas for things the kids can add into the SLIME aka GOOP too keep them busy
  • Develops tactile learning because it’s hands on and unstructured. 
  • And most of all, time spent together, is always worthwhile. So click on over and I’ll show you how to make this with kids of ALL ages!!

I would recommend doing this activity outside and on a disposable table cloth for easy clean up. Well worth it!Goop AKA Slime 1Ingredients:
1 cup of CLEAR GLUE




For even MORE fun you can have these options for the kids to add in:



In a bowl – Pour in CLEAR GLUEGoop AKA Slime 2Pour in LIQUID STARCHGoop AKA Slime 3 Add in FOOD COLORING to the desired shade.Goop AKA Slime 4Stir to combine really well for a few minutes. Goop AKA Slime 5Now, mix with your hands until the liquid  stuff turns ‘solid’  and forms a GOOP or SLIME like mixtureGoop AKA Slime 6The SLIME aka GOOP does work best if it can sit about 10 minutes on a clean cloth, plate or bowl. 
Tip:  Loosely cover while not in use and it keeps well for about 1 week.
It is great to play with just like this OR
Give each one a small cup with  GLITTER/CONFETTI  to add in OR 
Set out OCEAN SEA ANIMALS, or other types, to play with and invite hours of imaginative play!slime aka goop
Let the FUN begin:) 
Copyright Carrie Groneman, A Mother’s Shadow – 2013, 2016
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