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YUMMY Candy Bar Game

Candy Bar Game

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Family Game Night

Game Time!
Here is a quick, fun game for all ages to play.
There is little preparation, inexpensive and will get everyone involved for a great time.

Candy Bar Game
Here is a GREAT family or group activity.

Scarf, hat, jacket, gloves (bulk, inexpensive garden gloves work really well here)
Frozen large candy bar
Tin disposable pan (I’d double it up)
Large table spoon
2 Dice

Place the wrapped and frozen
Roll dice to see who begins first.
The player who rolls the highest begins.
The beginner player at the ‘GO’ hurries to put on the scarf, hat, jacket and gloves. He works to unwrap the candy bar while wearing the gloves (and other clothing) and with the spoon breaks off pieces of the candy bar to eat. RULE: to eat the candy bar, the player must take off the gloves, eat it completely, put on the gloves and continue (ok, I don’t share my straw in my drink either)
MEANWHILE the other players are rolling the dice. The player sitting next to the beginner rolls first and gets ONE roll. If they get a double six, all yell “DOUBLES” and the player with the candy has to take off any of the clothing and pass it with the candy bar and spoon to the player who rolled Doubles.
If the player did not roll doubles on their only shake, they quickly pass the dice to the next player. This continues as quickly as possible allowing a player to roll doubles, preventing any one player from eating the candy bar.
Have fun and enjoy the treat – if you roll doubles!!!
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