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Life Guard and Pool Safety Tips

How To Have Fun And Be Safe At The Pool

Summer Water Safety

I do NOT swim well, therefore my kids DO! It truly paid off. As an example, one of my sons, when he was about ten years old saved the life of a younger boy because he knew how to swim. 

 Do you and your kids spend much time at the pools?

 Because water safety and cooperating with the lifeguards when you are at the public and private pools are so important, I put together a list to help make swim time more fun for everyone – lifeguards included 🙂

Here is a list of 23 Water Safety Tips. Please share these with your family so they can be safe, and others will be too! 

A Lifeguard’s Suggestions/Requests/Appeals

1- Lifeguards are not babysitters. Please keep track of your child at the pool.
2- Don’t let your child float around alone in a life jacket, or floaties, thinking they are safe.
3- Do not talk to the life guard while on they are on the stand/chair- and on duty.
4- Do not argue with a lifeguard if one goes in to ‘save’ your child. They must have felt your child was in danger and there is not a charge for this service, so THANK THEM, do not argue about it.
5- Even if you consider your child a strong swimmer, please watch and pay attention to where they are at all times.
6- Make sure your child knows where you will be so if help is needed, or they simply want you, they can find you.
7- Do not hover, tread water or stay under the life guard chair/stand because if they have to go in for a ‘save’ they may accidentally jump onto you, or your head while going to help a swimmer in distress.
8- Do not be a ‘Good Samaritan’. If you are not properly trained and attempt to help a hurt swimmer, you could actually make it worse. For example if the swimmer has a head-neck-or back injury, your attempt to ‘help’ may cause serious physical damage. Call attention of the problem to a lifeguard if they are not aware of the injured swimmer.
9- Read and be aware of the rules of the pool, no matter how old you are, or how good a swimmer you may be. They are there for a reason –protection and safety.
10- Do not splash, flirt with or distract the lifeguards. Their job is serious and they are paid to be attentive to the swimmers in the pool.
11- Please put non-potty trained babies and children in swim diapers.
12- Frequently ask your child if they need to use the bathroom. Often they are too busy playing in the water to get out in time for a potty break.

13- Do NOT eat in the pool – yucky for everyone else.
14- Check pool facility for slide rules. It is generally a rule that a person cannot catch your child as they come off the water slide. If the child cannot swim safety by them self to the side, they are not ready for this activity.
15- It is against all pool rules to catch a child jumping off the diving board.
16- If you have a complaint or concern, find the manager, supervisor or head life guard. The life guard does not generally deal with complaints; and again, they are on duty.
17- All pools have the rule against foul language as it is a family oriented facility. Contact the management, supervisor, or head life guard if issues of this nature occur.
18 – Please, pretty please clean up after yourself – the lifeguards are not a cleaning service.
 More Safety Tips:
19- Help your child(ren) enjoy the sun by using/providing sufficient sunscreen.
20- Make sure your child(ren) drinks enough water. A child (or adult for that matter) becomes cranky and unpleasant when they are actually dehydrated. I read that chocolate milk is actually better to hydrate and restore lost nutrients than sports drinks.
21- Use care not to let your child get too hot. Check for flushed face, sweating, complaining of heat, or extremely irritable. If this happens, ask a lifeguard for help. Your child may be suffering from heat exhaustion or heat stroke.
22- Check to see if your child is too cold, even when it is hot outside. If they are shivering, lips are turning blue, finger tips are turning purple or blue, not moving very much in the water. This could be hypothermia. Again, contact a lifeguard.
23Have FUN and ENJOY the WATER & SUN safely!!!
Copyright Carrie Groneman, A Mother’s Shadow, 2014
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  • This is such a great article and will tell you in my younger years I taught at a summer camp. One of the things, we did teach was swimming to young pre-school aged kids and remember how important it was to have the life guards there and to heed their advice and warnings. Thank you for sharing and totally pinned and tweeted, too 🙂

  • Carrie,
    First of all, Delsi is beautiful! What a great idea for a post! This post is so important and could seriously save lives. I will try to share it many times this week. Hopefully, my computer is better. It was totally having e-mail issues this past weekend. I swam on my high school swim team and still love swimming, but it can be extremely dangerous.
    Diane Roark

  • Jess says:

    This is such a great post!
    Thanks for joining the Link Up this week!

  • Christine @ says:

    These are some fantastic tips…definitely got me thinking. I learned a few things. Thanks for sharing!

  • Great information with summer season on it’s way. In our community we just had another tragedy this past Saturday. Passing this information on. People need to be aware!

  • So helpful on days like this! Thanks for sharing =) #creativemondays

  • Claire says:

    Great information here 🙂
    Thanks for sharing over at Creative Mondays,,,

  • Patti says:

    This is such great information all year round…pinned and stumbled!

  • Diane Roark says:

    Everyone needs to be reminded of these great tips especially this time of the year.
    sharing, pinning and tweeting

  • The kids at our pool sure don’t make life easy for our lifeguards. There are so many broken rules, and it’s not fair for the lifeguards to have to police so much. I wish people were more aware of what responsibilities they have, and know how much of a tough time their kids are giving them.

    • It is so true and I couldn’t agree more. Three of my five kids have been lifeguards and that is why I decided to write this post because of their experiences there. Thank you so much for your watchfulness to the lifeguard and hopefully others will be more aware of their situation also, so that everyone is safe and can have a FUN summer in the sun.

  • It is so important to be safe around water. Stopping by to share!

  • Bobby Saint says:

    I totally agree with what you said that lifeguards are “not babysitters.” It is always best for parents to look after their children if they’re going out for a swim. A lifeguard would not be able to address all at the same time. They are there for “emergency” situations and it’s not their obligation or responsibility to watch over children throughout your stay. If I were to bring my kids to the beach, I would definitely make sure to look after them. Thanks.

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