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When it comes to brushing your teeth,  WHAT TEAM ARE YOU ON?

Team  LOVE to brush your teeth?


Team  LIKE to brush your teeth?


Team brush so that you have friends aka people who will be within speaking distance AND your teeth won’t rot out of your mouth:), lol.


My handsome hubby Stan is someone who LOVES to brush, floss, use wooden dental picks – the whole shebang!

I on the other hand….well, I hover on the border of LIKE and NECESSITY.

After 38 years of marriage, we still haven’t been on the SAME TEAM of which toothbrush is the best. Will we find one?



So what kind of toothbrush do you use?

Are you like me and use the standard one you get from the dentist every six months for free? It works fine – right?

Stan has a step up from that and likes it it pretty well.

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THEN I was contacted by this AMAZING company SMILE BRILLIANT to give their very cool ultrasonic electronic toothbrush a try.


Neither Stan nor I had ever tried one of those before, and thought hhmmm, maybe this would be the answer to our quest for the BEST toothbrush – 

and we could finally….be on the same TEAM??!!!


We gave it a try…..

Oh WOW!!

We were SSOOOOO impressed!


You can WIN!

WHY you ask?

Well, here’s just some of the remarkable features we found:

  • Even though Stan and I were using different types of toothbrushes, we found by using the Smile Brilliant it was like getting a professional cleaning every day!


  • There are the 5 settings that make it AMAZING for oral cleaning! Clean, White, Massage, Gum Care and Sensitive


  • This Smile Brilliant Ultrasonic Electronic Toothbrush is so smart! See it works in this really incredible 2 minute cleaning interval. The brushing sensation changes to alert you when to move to another section of your teeth, so all the sections of your mouth are sparkling clean when you are done.


  • It is extremely quiet and waterproof too; which are great features.


  • We found the Smile Brilliant Ultrasonic Toothbrush to be very easy to hold and lightweight.


  • I was so impressed with how long I brushed because it was so comfortable to use and my gums are getting healthier too!


  • Did you know that many dental professionals actually recommend an ultrasonic toothbrush because of the many benefits? Such as the decrease in plaque and gingivitis compared to regular brushing?


You can win your own Smile Brilliant toothbrush package!

Stan votes YES to TEAM LOVES TO BRUSH with @smilebrilliant


And I vote YES to TEAM LOVES TO BRUSH with #smilefearlessly


Well – you can see that we are both agreed and both on Team LOVES to BRUSH!


The SMILE BRILLIANT Ultrasonic TOOTHBRUSH is a WINNER in our home.


And YOU can have this same winning champion toothbrush experience too!

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Good luck!

Carrie & Stan

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