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Having Gratitude and Being Grateful

Why is this a quality that we want to have in our life?

Life Qualities of Gratitude and Grateful

(These two words are often used interchangeably, and for simplicity, we will do that here.)


  • This is our FAMILY TIME SERIES WORD that we will focus on this month.


  • Talk to your family about this WORD, how it can be applied into their life and why it’s so important.


  • Let’s work to take on this quality characteristic, or trait, in our own personality. 


  • Feeling Grateful and expressing Gratitude are critical to becoming our best and noblest self. 


  • As we work to have this attribute as a natural part of our nature, and do our best to teach the meaning and skill to our loved ones; miracles and positive changes will happen!!!



WHAT is gratitude? 

Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines Gratitude as:

The quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciate for and to return kindness.



HOW can it help us?

When we feel gratitude, we are grateful for what we have and we are not constantly trying to get more.

We are happy inside with what we have. 

Feeling gratitude helps us see the good in our self, in others and in the world.

We can be happy in our situation when we find things to be grateful for.



WHY do we want to show gratitude?

Did you know that when we are grateful, we feel less stressed, can feel less depressed, sleep better, and be more satisfied in our life?

The list goes on of all the amazing benefits of saying thanks to others and expressing gratitude.

It’s true!

Because as we express and show others how grateful we are for any kindness they have done for us, they have better self-esteem and we feel better about our self! 

 It’s essential to thank God and recognize all the good He does in our life every day, that’s where the real power comes in.



WHO can you show gratitude towards, or say thank you to? 

Choose at least one person in your family and one person not in your family that you need to thank.

It might be a little awkward.

Don’t worry, it is for everyone.

Just be genuine and yourself.

Do your best.

As you keep practicing gratitude, people will want to be your friend and you will become a better person.


Being a grateful person, who shows gratitude, is one of the greatest qualities we can develop.



***This is November’s FAMILY TIME SERIES  Click HERE for more


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