Miracle Miles Walk At Home

I have walked at home with Leslie for years, and this is one of her best!

I’ve really liked the WALK at HOME workouts over the years because you get fantastic exercise, and so much more than just walking outside. With this new dvd (with on-line options and email bonus’s too!) there is a MIRACLE MILES BAND that provides resistance for a boosted work-out.

This dvd is also for ALL ages and here’s why:

  • If you can walk, you can do this dvd
  • Your ability and level is challenged by how much effort you put into the ‘walk’, so everyone can walk along and get a workout no matter your level of ability
  • No fancy footwork to learn – just walking and 4 basic steps
  • You can get healthy and body changing results in a short time
  • So many choices with this amazing set to fit any schedule for any day.
  • The band was surprisingly a great alternative to hand weights, with an easy adjustment of resistance, and does not smell of latex
  • Fun and motivating.  You can watch with voice coaching of Leslie or the music only option.

Going for a walk outside is wonderful, but the weather isn’t always cooperative.  

And when you do this MIRACLE MILE WALK AT HOME which you can find HERE it’s more than a walk!  You’ll see what I mean from the first ‘walk’.  I think you’ll love it too.


*Disclaimer – I am not a physician, or in any position of medical authority.  I am only giving my personal opinion and do not take responsibility for any injury, damage, etc that could, would, might happen if you exercise or even contemplate getting off the couch and moving.  I was given this dvd, however the opinions are my own.