Leather Crafting and Weaver Supply

Pound that leather and let’s see what you can make.  Side benefit:  Hands are busy, so people are talking – to each other!  WHAT??!!!


Have you ever tried your hand at leather working?

I had tools and made things as a young teen, mainly for my horse:)  I loved working leather and trying new things.  I was never great at it, but it was a wonderful hobby my Dad got me into.

Now years later, Stan pulled out some leather making tools he had and let the grand kids ‘pound’ the rounds (leather circles).

Weaver Leather Supply sent me some tools and kits for wrist bands. Our family had the best time!  It is a fabulous hobby that grandparents can do with grand kids of all ages, parents with kids – it’s a perfect way to connect, spend time together and talk!  

Did you notice that?  


Everyone’s hands are busy creating so the technology is put aside allowing for natural conversation to happen and flow.  

The folks at Weaver are amazing!  I was so pleased at how not only customer service oriented they are, but the extent of knowledge to help with the level you are at.  They don’t try to over-sell, or not help you get what you really need either.  In fact you feel like family when you’re talking to them.  They have lots of videos and information too.  

We can’t wait to do more leather working and enjoy Weaver Leather Supply products and you can see their site HERE!


I was given Weaver products, however my opinions are my own.