VIVO Cotton Candy Machine

Who doesn’t LOVE Cotton Candy??!!!


THIS VIVO Cotton Candy machine has been the biggest hit at our house for months now! We’ve used this machine more than probably those who have a booth at the county fair, and I am not kidding:)

This VIVO Cotton Candy machine is seriously a work horse. 

Stan and I moved to a new home and wanted to meet our neighbors. 

What better way than with Cotton Candy? 

So we put the word out, and set aside a night every week to have free VIVO Cotton Candy for the neighbors.  That machine never quit, gave us a problem or slowed down one bit during those 12 weeks. Add in the family get-together’s and extra fun times over the summer; I can’t recommend this product enough.  LOVE IT!  

It comes with a really well made sugar scoop, as you’ll see HERE

The Cotton Candy Floss I use is THIS

The Cones are THESE

For the neighbors I use THESE BAGS because the kids kept dropping the cotton candy onto the ground, so the bags worked much easier for the weekly neighborhood gatherings.  

Because the floss goes so far and makes up inexpensively, I’ve made little gifts of the Cotton Candy, taken the sweet treats to ladies church events and we’ve even made thank you’s for birthday parties!  The possibilities are endless with this VIVO machine and Cotton Candy. 

My sons are much better at ‘spinning’ the floss than I am, but we have fun making the VIVO Cotton Candy and everyone enjoys eating it!

I definitely recommend getting the shield or bubble for it.  It really does help even when making the Cotton Candy outside.  Check out THIS ONE

Happy spinning!!!


Thank you VIVO!  The cotton candy machine was given to me for review here, but all opinions are expressly my own. #vivocottoncandymachine