Carrie’s Cooking For Keeps


Have your only stepped into the kitchen to get milk and cereal?  YOU can be a successful cook of delicious food!

Are you a more experienced cook?  This cookbook IS for YOU too!


In Carrie’s Cooking For Keeps she walks you through every step with tutorials and pictures so every recipe is no-fail.  

You’ll find wonderful new recipes to rotate in with your favorites also.

This cookbook is practical and very useful as it gives a extraordinary section of the basics such as:

  • How to measure
  • What are the different
  • Types of sugar, and how to measure 
  • How to measure flour and different types
  • How to prepare a pan without cooking spray
  • How to separate an egg white from an egg yolk
  • Working with vegetables
  • How to make a potato, yam or sweet potato in the oven or microwave
  • How to choose tomatoes, apples and avocados
  • How to cook white and brown rice on the stove 
  • How to cook any kind of pasta on the stove with success
  • How to toast nuts on the stove 
  • How to wash dishes properly by hand
  • How to do basic kitchen cleaning
  • How to clean appliances and other useful tips

Delicious, economical and quick recipes for every day life.