Chris at Robert Wood Photography

Have you noticed any of my photographs on the headers, in the About Me section…all over the blog, lol.  Well THIS guy took them!

If you are looking for fabulous pictures for your head shot, a family picture, anything wedding, then Chris is the photographer for you. 

Getting my picture taken isn’t my favorite thing.  Having the picture appointment wouldn’t make the things I love list.  However, my experience in how this all turned out with Chris at Robert Wood Photography does.

And here’s why:

  • Chris was very helpful in what clothing I should bring to the shoot after I explained what type of blog I was redesigning.
  • He was extremely professional at the shoot, yet it was friendly too.
  • Chris took plenty of shots so I had tons to choose from.
  • The man can edit like crazy when needed – here’s my situation.  I suffer from terrible migraines and that day was horrible.  I had taken my prescription meds but the migraine wouldn’t even budge. I went for the photo session anyway because I knew it was too difficult to reschedule with everything I have going on.  When I get that bad of a headache, my eye is almost closed no matter what I do.  And you can’t even tell in the final pictures, can you?!  He’s a genius!!!
  • The proofs were back to me that day I think, it was super quick.
  • I chose the ones I wanted him to edit and the final pictures were back the next day.
  • The prices are extremely reasonable and the quality is excellent

I really had a fabulous experience working with Chris and how my pictures turned out.  I think you would like how yours will too.  Check out his site HERE.