Balance & Strength DVD

Do NOT let the ‘Seniors and Older Adults’ throw you!  Seriously this is one of the BEST resources I think there could be for strengthening after surgery or injury. Maintaining or regaining balance and strength for anyone at most any age.

Ok, so anyone who knows me well, knows exercising isn’t my favorite thing.  BUT, it’s so important.  I’ve had both knees replaces twice.  Two-total knee replacements people, so I know how important it is to do all you can before and after surgeries, as well as keep any muscle tone and flexibility you can even when healthy. 

Why do I love this BALANCE & STRENGTH DVD and think it’s so remarkable?  I’ll tell you

  • The exercises are broken into sections for all abilities and levels, from sitting to standing, from holding onto a chair to free-standing.
  • Jane designed this program to be done in sections, or all at once.
  • Even if you are a die-hard exerciser, I can assure you, that you’ll stretch your body in ways you haven’t since you were a child out playing – it’s wonderful.
  • If you get tension knots in your neck and back like I do, actually it’s a rare occasion when they are not pretty tight.  I was amazed that after doing the Upper Body Strength & Mobility Exercises, which is only 12 minutes, those tight neck and back muscles released incredibly!
  • Did you realize the risk to those who sit for a couple of hours at a time, working at a desk, in an office, or at home, have of contracting blood clots?  I’ve encountered a few people who have had this issue and it’s awful.  After doing the Lower Body Stretches, only 13 minutes, it was apparent that making just that a daily routine would be extremely helpful in preventing those clots since the blood would be flowing –  and it felt SSOOO good too.
  • I’ve never tried Tai Chi before until this dvd and Jane’s modified Tai Chi and Yoga is so cool!  I really like the Full-Body 17 minute as a rotation in my routine.
  • The reasons are many and I could go on and on why this is for EVERY age and EVERY person.  Jane did a fabulous job on this dvd.  It’s very approachable in style, worth the time to do her practices and beneficial in what you gain as you stretch, gain balance, maintain mobility and help prevent injury or a fall.

You can easily find Jane Adams dvd BALANCE & STRENGTH here


*Disclaimer – I am not a physician, or in any position of medical authority.  I am only giving my personal opinion and do not take responsibility for any injury, damage, etc that could, would, might happen if you exercise or even contemplate getting off the couch and moving.  I was given this dvd, however the opinions are my own.