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Part 3

Think about your clothing

  • Girls remember to choose shoes wisely and have your dress hemmed accordingly; you don’t want to trip over it all night.
  • You are going to be in those shoes aallooonnnggg time that day and or night. Keep that in mind when you pick them out. Shoes like these below are cute, but not easy to dance, or walk in very long! If you do get blisters, use a piece of moleskin on the sore. You can see it HERE
    Dating asking and answering

    Dating asking and answering

  • Girls, use body tape to keep blouses or tops in place and not revealing. Also great for a quick hem fix. This tape is amazing and a must. Find it HERE


Modesty, however, is extremely attractive! 

  • PLEASE find a dress (or modify it) so it is modest. Little dresses are not enough to cover the subject in my humble opinion…

It is awkward and embarrassing for a young man when he expects his date will dress appropriately; yet finds otherwise when picking her up. Seriously consider that you are advertising by how you dress. I have 3 sons and 2 daughters. And from many years of experience and watching all the young men and women come through my life as friends of my kids, the girls appreciate when the other girls in the group are dressed modestly because of the atmosphere it creates. The guys appreciate it, and can easily see how much self-confidence a girl has, when she doesn’t feel that she has to ‘advertise’ her body, as all that she has to offer – is skimpy clothing. This leads to respect and friendship; the basis of all great relationships.


Dating asking and answering

Dating asking and answering

  • To the young men being asked to a girls preference: When you are asked to a dance, if you feel it appropriate, give a her or small box of candy when she picks you up as a small thank you.
  • To the young ladies being asked to a guys preference: When you are asked to a dance, if you feel it appropriate, give a small box of candy to your date when he picks you up as a small thank you.

Such as:  HERE is one idea, and HERE is another, and HERE, and so many more if you type in ‘thank you’.

It shows appreciation to that person that they would go to the expense and effort to take you to the dance. This goes a long way in showing gratitude, which comes out more naturally in other aspects of your life as you practice it here.


  • Do NOT be forward! Meaning, do not try to hold hands or hug, etc, etc, etc, if the other is not interested.
  • Do not dance suggestively! Doing so, only ‘advertises’ that person has little to offer, and make the others in the group/date uncomfortable.
  • Profanity, crude jokes, and language are overheard by many. My daughters would turn down dates with guys after hearing them talk in such a manner. Likewise, my sons would also not ask girls out after they overheard them talking ‘like a sailor’. It is not impressive but degrading.

You Do NOT want to be remembered by your date, or others in the group like this-

Dating asking and answering

Dating asking and answering


  • Let your date, their parents and yours, know the plans for the activities, times of events, cell numbers (at least yours if not others in the group) and locations for the night’s events. Providing an itinerary is very appreciated by parents and your date beforehand so they know how to prepare. Such as how to dress for (it’s is not fun for a girl who is wearing heels to find out they are going on a long hike after leaving her house for the date – yikes!), what time to expect the date to start and end; all those details. Besides being just plain considerate, it provides safety.

Girls, here’s a VERY useful tip:

  • I created a post that gives very simple step-by-step instructions on how to make a temporary pocket on your slip. This will go under your dress to hold a cell phone, some money, your lipstick, maybe a credit card, your car key if you drove and a few needed items. Ladies, you never, EVER want to be left in a compromising situation, and not having control of your phone, your car key if you drove, money, puts you in a possible dangerous situation if you do not know your date well….or even if you do! Gals I know you don’t want to carry a purse and will often times give your things to your date, which is not a good idea. So this will allow you to carry them effortlessly, not matter the length of your dress, since it goes on your slip, to keep you safe. Check it out HERE


Finally: You will want to remembered as a good person and someone others want to be around.

If you live by the Golden Rule:   Do Unto Others as you would have Them Do Unto You, then you will build a great reputation and wonderful friendships.

So enjoy this time of your life by being smart, staying safe and make good choices. 


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