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gratitude tree

Ever Giving Gratitude Tree

Oftentimes Thanksgiving is overlook in the anticipation of Christmas and the blur of the season. 

It can often be difficult to find ways to think outside of themselves, and to help our family do the same.

Coming up with  an activity that’s affordable and easy was my goal.

Making it worthwhile with positive results and that would be likely to engage everyone was the focus.

After some brainstorming, this idea came to me –  a Gratitude Tree!

With this little tree, teaching gratitude will more like come naturally to your family and mine.

The concept is so simple.

Each leaf will have a word on it that can be chosen together as a family, or whatever works for your situation.

For example, if the leaf  has the word neighbor written on it, then the leaf could not be hung upon the tree until a service is done by the entire family for the neighbor that the family has chosen. 

Now the fun begins as  everyone puts in their suggestions, which could include: anonymously raking leaves, making and taking cookies or spending a little time visiting an elderly neighbor.

****In this time of Covid, it could be sending cards, a gift from Amazon or a delivery from an acceptable bakery or sweet shop.  A Zoom call and game with a relative or neighbor.  The possibilities are still there!


The idea of THIS little tree is action.

It’s to motivate and involve everyone into filling the tree with Christlike service as thoughtful kindness goes out towards others.





Tree,  this is one to check out

I have these Leaves for you to download that would work great, and you can get them HERE 

Or you could use THESE leaves


Twine, is a nice fit


Directions:gratitude tree1Cut out printed leaves if using down loads.

Punch a small hole at the top of the leaf if needed.gratitude tree 2Tie a square knot with the string through the hole in the leaf.gratitude tree 3Here are some ideas for ‘words’ your family might want to include for people to serve: 

Neighbor(s) Grandparent(s) Teacher(s) Mail person Family – think extended; aunt, uncle, cousin, etc. Veterinarian, Doctor, Dentist, Church leader(s), Military you may know, Foster Parents/kids.  People who work at the Animal Shelter, firemen, policemen.

***At this time, may I suggest to pray and think particularly of those who may need special attention during these holidays.


Brainstorm with your family.

The list will amaze you. and the results will bless you.

gratitude tree


This Gratitude Tree can be easily adapted for the Christmas season also.


Recognize a blessing and be a blessing today.

Copyright Carrie Groneman, A Mother’s Shadow, 2013, 2019


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