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KeepSake Kids Handprint Apron

Turkey Hand-Print Apron

This personalized apron would be perfect for mom, dad, or grandparent, or kids to make one for them self while waiting for dinner to be ready.
Seriously, it’s the BEST gift ever!!
You could  write the child’s name and year under the hand-print and even a few things they are grateful for. An older child can write it them self.

Kids Craft Turkey Hand-print Apron
Canvas apron’s like these are inexpensive to make for everyone!
Acrylic Paints in a set like this will last a long time and wash well
Foam paint brushes are awesome to reuse or toss, depending on the how chaos:)
This Round Foam Sponge Paint Set is also inexpensive to toss or reuse, with various sizes to make it fun
Thin paint brush, and THIS SET is a fabulous value with various sizes
Sharpies like this will serve many purposes and are water resistant too
Googly eyes if desired make an eye
Fabric Glue like E6000 works well if using Googly eyes


Paint child’s, or adults hand with paint, using the foam brush, covering well and the entire hand.
Press the hand evenly and firmly onto the apron
Hand Printed Turkey Apron 1
When the hand-print is dry,  draw the wing on with a black sharpie

With the paint brush paint on the beak and legs

If using the googly eyes attach with glue.

With the round sponge daubers, randomly make circles of different colored paint.

With the round sponge daubers, let the kids randomly make circles of different colored paint. 

This can be done before you create the turkey or after.

If the kids are older, they can make the turkey them self!

Allow the apron to dry completely. Sitting overnight gives best results.
Hand Printed Turkey Apron
When laundering, do so according to paint instructions (usually in cold water and hang to dry)
ENJOY the memories and fun with the family!
Copyright Carrie Groneman, A Mother’s Shadow, 2019

Recognize a blessing and be a blessing today.



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