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Part 2: Domestic Abuse and Violence Prevention

Domestic Abuse and Violence

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Anti Abuse and Violence Awareness and Prevention

 Part 2 of Domestic Abuse or Violence is a perfect topic for October, because it  is National Domestic and Abuse Awareness Month.
However, this is a topic to be address all year long – Every. Single. Day.
Every minute a child, a woman, a man is affected by this horrible circumstance at the hand of another. This is part 2 in my series. Remember that men, women and children can all victims. Be aware of what others may be trying to tell you with words or actions as a cry for help.
To begin, continuing with information from the Multi Faith Leaders Conference, it is important to understand HOW a person gains control or exercises dominion over another. This chart helps explain how this is possible and the ways it can be done slowly over time also. The language here is for a woman being abused, but remember that men are also and it is never ok, nor acceptable, in any form or manner.

Recognizing Power & Control vs. Equality Domestic Violence Wheels

Created by Domestic Abuse Intervention Project, Duluth, MN

When Violence IS Used


This is how a healthy NON VIOLENT Relationship SHOULD Work

    If you suspect abuse who do you report to:

What do you report?:

   ***It is very important to look after those who are vulnerable and cannot speak for them self; such as the very young, the elderly, etc. It is wise to use judgement when reporting an incident to have the facts and information so that the victim is not victimized more in the legal system or by the one(s) who are harming her in the first place. Some accusations or allegations generate cases that involve law enforcement, more than quickly than others might. These underlined types most often involve law enforcement.


What can you look for if you suspect someone is being abused?

Signs of Physical Abuse

Signs of Sexual Abuse


Signs of Emotional Abuse


Signs of Neglect

Environmental Neglect & Child Endangerment Includes

  It is so important that we are aware and looking out for those that we live by, associate with, go to school with, work with and that our kids play with. We may be the ones that can make all the difference in the life of another. There is a site, Loveisrespect that is a fabulous resource for a wide range of questions and information regarding those who are being abused and want help, those who want to help someone who they suspect/know someone is being abused, as well as those who are the abuser and want to quit. At the LOVEISRESPECT.org site, there is a Chat line. A Text line. A Call line.
In fact, an amazing amount of knowledge to help you and others all at the Loveisrespect.org site, click HERE for a direct link [2] 
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