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Homemade Kids Play Sand

Easy and Clean Kids Play Sand

Can’t go to the beach because it’s several hundred miles away and that’s just a little impractical for an afternoon of play?

No worries, I have the perfect solution!

Looking for a unique way to entertain the kiddos? This Play Sand is the answer!

It is so easy to mold, doesn’t make a mess on their hands and is made from just flour and some baby oil.

Toddlers and kids really like this.

To keep them amused, you can put in ‘prizes’ of large rhinestones, beads, etc., so they can do some mining and treasure hunting.

Molds and plastic garden tools will keep them busy for hours and that lets you get your projects done, or a bit of much needed relaxing as you watch them have some fun.

You might want to double or triple this really simple and easy recipe, depending on how large your bin is and how many children will be playing.


DIY Homemade Play Sand
8 cups flour
1 cup BABY OIL
Bag or CONTAINER to store Play Sand (will last at least 1 year)
Toys and molds for fun


Put the flour in a large bowlPlay Sand 1Pour baby oil into the flourPlay Sand 2With your hands get in there and mix it well.
Continue until the oil is completely incorporated into the flourPlay Sand 3



Store in a bag or container with a tight fitting lid.Play Sand 4Now for the FUN!
Pour the Play Sand into a container large enough for the kids to play with. Play Sand 5
It is best to let the kiddos do it outside, to accommodate any escaping Play Sand.
Play Sand 6Kids of all ages love this Play Sand.Play Sand 7A special thank you to my daugther-in-law Ashley for this idea and bringing the fun molds and toys.               Play Sand
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