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DIY Get Well Soon Card

DIY Get Well Soon Card

THIS is a perfect card for anyone who is sick or in the hospital. My very good friend of many years, Dorthy, makes cards that are treasured by all lucky enough to receive one from her. She shares a simple, yet thoughtful card we can all make. Prepare a few to keep on hand for ready use. You can send, or deliver the card alone, or include a few useful items such as pictured here:  lotion, lip balm, hand sanitizer and maybe a little treat. This easy to make card will make anyone feel a bit better because of you! 

Make it Yourself Get Well Card

3 pieces of contrasting scrap paper
Glue tape is best option if available
Colored marker Rubber stamp with sentiment OR easily print one on your computer or hand write.
***Complete pattern to print out at end of post***
Cut 3 pieces of contrasting paper –  One:  4×11″     Second:  2×2″      Third:  1  1/2 x 1  1/2″ Lay your FOLDED paper down and trace the pattern on top Cut pattern out, still keeping the paper FOLDED at the TOPDIY Get Well Soon Card 1Holding the cut pattern still FOLDED, cut up the middle on ONE side. This makes the back opening of the hospital gown.DIY Get Well Soon Card 2Stamp the small paper with your stamp with sentiment, or write on it. Do this first so if you happen to make a mistake you can use the other side. Glue the small paper to the next sized paper, centering. DIY Get Well Soon Card 3

DIY Get Well Soon Card 4 Using the pattern piece or other paper to avoid ‘bleeding’ through of the marker.
Draw a bow tie, mimicking the tie on the back side of the hospital gown. Including your initials makes the card personal and meant for the recipient.
Copyright by Carrie Groneman, A Mother’s Shadow
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