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Cozy Vanilla Drink

Cozy Vanilla Drink

I love a cozy warm drink that makes you feel like a soft warm blanket is wrapped all around and snuggles you in. This is a family-friendly drink I created that you would vow came from a gourmet shop. This fabulous vanilla beverage is not sticky sweet like so many, but, instead decedent and a fabulous self-indulgent treat you don’t want to miss.


Cozy Vanilla Drink


2 Tbl. French Vanilla Creamer 

2 tsp. Pero

2- 3 Tbl. white chocolate chips

1 cup milk, microwaved for 2 minutes or heated through (2% – whole depending on the richness desired)


Place the creamer, Pero and white chocolate chips in a large container, large enough to hold the ingredients and contain the splash when stirred.DSC_0735Pour the hot milk into the mixture and mix with a wand mixer, electric mixer or use a blender.DSC_0737Mix until the ingredients are completely combined, the chocolate chips are dissolved and it is combined completely.DSC_0738 Serve!Cozy Vanilla Drink 1 Carrie Groneman’s original recipe. Copyright Carrie Groneman, A Mother’s Shadow, 2015
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