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Becky and Brenda

Becky and Brenda

 I am so lucky to have one of the nicest ladies you would ever meet living in my neighborhood. Her name is Brenda (pictured on the left) and her sister’s name is Becky (pictured on the right). Brenda and a friend began a campaign to raise money for her sister Becky when she was diagnosed with cancer. Thank you so much Brenda for sharing your story with us. 


Brenda’s story: My sister and I are 13 months to the day apart and have done pretty much everything together, so when she was diagnosed with stage 3B breast cancer I had a hard time accepting the news and just sitting around doing nothing. I called a good friend of hers and asked her to help me with a fundraiser for Becky, her husband Justin and two small boys, who were 2 and 4 at the time of her diagnosis(5 years ago). We decided that we were going to shave our heads and have people pay to watch to raise funds.

That evening turned into my mother-in-law and mom making spaghetti for 1000 people, with the help of a committee, along with a silent auction, bake sale, kids corner and live auction. We ended up raising $37,000 for them that night. Since then we have been able to help other individuals who are struggling with terminally diagnosed diseases. We just finished out 27th event(October 3, 2014) and have passed the 1 million dollar mark. We have an annual 5K which was held this year on August 9, 2014, where we had 1,500 participants run. It is such an amazing experience to be a part of such a wonderful organization. I am so grateful that we have this opportunity to help others and give back to the community in which we live.

I love my sister so much and am blessed to have her in my life. “Anything for a Friend is a simple concept about human beings and our interconnection. We believe that humans have an innate desire to connect and help each other when someone is in need. However, most are unsure as to how to provide such help. Anything for a Friend seeks to provide an avenue through which family, friends and the community of someone dealing with personal tragedy can band together to show support. Anything for a Friend

We believe that through the organization of a community fundraiser, both the friends and the benefactor are able to minimize much of the fear and anxiety related to personal tragedy and find satisfaction through such an event, ultimately benefiting the entire community.”

Please check out this wonderful organization to find out how you can help, or for ideas and resources to raise money for a loved one in need.

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Recognize a blessing and be a blessing today.


  • Aww, thank you for sharing Brenda’s story here with us today and definitely was happy to get to know her a bit more from your blog post. Hugs Carrie and wishing you a wonderful Monday now 😉

  • Carrie,
    This lady is such a blessing and an inspiration to everyone. I am overwhelmed that she could raise that much money. I always think how much can one person do. This is a great example that God can use a few people to make a huge difference.
    Thanks for introducing us to these precious ladies.
    Diane Roark

  • Tasha says:

    What a way to band together for a good cause. And to raise that much money for the very first fundraiser….that’s astonishing and absolutely amazing. I hope they are still doing well.

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