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Proven ways to put priorities in order and have more joy

These printables will help you fill your day with what you really want to do, need to do and what will bring you happiness and direction!

Life seems crazy busy for many of us and it’s difficult to get things done in a day.

For others of us, it can seem almost impossible to be motivated to get up and do something.

Whichever is your situation, have you ever considered:  What is important to get done in a day?


Don’t we all seem to have the same tug of war on our time and energy.

That PUSH AND PULL, the TUG-O-WAR of this way and that.

Do you ever feel that way? That you can’t accomplish all that you need to do, much less what you want to do.

For instance there’s:

  • Daily needed tasks such as laundry, meals, shopping
  • Others needs that we have to take care, like appointments, helping with homework, extracurricular activities
  • Then there’s the things we want to do that we enjoy
  • What about taking a little time to relax and unwind
  • Of course the list could go on and on


None of these are bad at all! They are all good, but how do we find a balance, a good, better and best in our daily life?

And what is essential to include in our day?

I struggle with this too. Believe me!

As I’ve worked at it, I’ve found some things that always brings success I’d like to share with you.




5 Steps To A Happy Life

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My days are as busy as ever. I thought that when I reached my Grandma years, it would slow down, but my time is just as filled up as it ever has been I think.

I have to make choices of what to do, when to do it and what is valuable to me to include in my day.

Over the years, I have found these 5 things, or steps truly make all the difference in my day, week, month and life.

The peace, joy, comfort and direction come so much more easily when I follow these steps. I struggle to stay on top of them all the time, but it’s worth the effort to be dedicated.




The 1st Step for A Happy Life is PRAYER

When was the last time you sincerely and thoughtfully prayed to God? I mean had a real sincere prayer where you told Him about your day, your concerns, your fears, your joys, your hopes, your dreams and asked Him what you could do to help Him bring about the good He has for YOU to do? There is great power in daily morning and evening prayer.

In this link HERE, you can read in more detail  10 benefits to prayer)


The 2nd Step for A Happy Life is reading SCRIPTURES.

Not just skimming over the verses, but studying and thinking about what we read.

I know it can be difficult to understand it all sometimes. But there are lots of helps out there. And simply trying, I know brings blessings such as wisdom making decisions. With the greatest benefit being that it fills us with God’s love as we come to know our Heavenly Father and our Savior Jesus Christ on a deeper level.

We may only read for a couple of minutes a day, or just a few verses, but our goal is to read every day.

(just for the blog post – Just as we need to eat every day or we feel weak and even can ‘not be ourselves’ in temperament and how we enjoy life. That is how it is when we don’t read our scriptures daily.

In Matthew 5:6 (Bible, King James version) it reads:  Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled.

Reading our scriptures daily:

  • fills us with God’s love
  • helps us come to know our Heavenly Father and our Savior Jesus Christ on a deeper level
  • teaches us His word
  • gives us directions so we can make good choices
  • provides us wisdom and guidance to face and solve the trials and challenges we have
  • teaches us how to live a more joyful life
  • and so, so much more is gained as we are truly FILLED

for the blog post)


The 3rd Step for A Happy Life is SELF CARE- EXERCISES

Our body truly is a gift from God and a great blessing. Let’s keep in mind, moderation in all things, however, most of us find it a challenge to keep our bodies as healthy as possible.

Why is it even important to take care of our bodies?

I would like to suggest that if we are trying to be healthy, then we will be able to do what God has planned for us to do here for this short time on earth.


  • Exercise in any way that you can. Don’t compare to others and what they can do. I haven’t been able to run, jump or skip in decades, but I can walk! I’ve had two total knee replacements due to arthritis, but I’m blessed that I was able to have great family support through them both.


We find the way we can keep healthy, moving and going forward.

And not compare ourselves in looks, body, or any other aspect. That is not self-care.


  • Eat healthy. Try to be conscious to eat nutritiously, again, moderation in all things.
  • Drink water. The recommended amount if 8-10 glasses a day by most physicians.
  • Get sleep. Usually the most difficult thing for most of us for one reason or another. However, it can make such a difference in our health, mental outlook and energy. Getting to sleep early and getting up early is best if your schedule allows it. Keep in mind that everyone requires a different amount of sleep; some need more than others. Listen to your body.
  • See a health care professional and for dental also. Take care of yourself, not just others so you can do all that you need to.



The 4th step for A Happy Life is CARING & SERVING

It is proven fact that when we reach out to help others, by serving others and finding ways to do good, we gain advantages in many unexpected ways.


To name a few, we benefit:

  • Physically
  • Emotionally
  • Socially
  • And more

Our life is so much more enriched as we open our hearts and our resources to those around us. When we say our morning and evening prayers, it’s a wonderful idea to ask Heavenly Father who we can help that day. Who needs us and to help us recognize that need.



The 5th Step to A Happy Life is to LEARN

Oh the world is a much better, happier, brighter place for us when we are learners!


Because we feel more confident.

We feel more accomplished.

We are more valuable, important and needed the more we learn.

See as we develop skills and talents we are able to serve, comfort, strengthen and change lives for the better. What can be better than that!

Visit my YouTube Channel for my video on this subject with a visual I created to explain this in more detail. 



Be sure to get your beautiful and really helpful editable/fill-in planner

Copyright Carrie Groneman, 2019

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